Our Work:

My wife Beth Kreitl and I decided to resign from our jobs in Corporate and Higher Ed to experience our first year of marriage together volunteering in Vietnam.  We are working with Golden West Humanitarian Foundation to create and lead a Drowning Prevention program in Central Vietnam.  In Vietnam, on average, there are 35 deaths per day from preventable drowning.  We hope that providing interventions in Community Awareness, Water Safety Education and Learn to Swim infrastructure, teacher and student training, we can reduce this unacceptable number.  You can find more info here or see a video produced by the Microsoft Alumni Network here.


Always a need for additional help:

If you want to get involved in any way, fundraising, friend-raising or volunteering your skills, let me know as we can always use extra hands – employer volunteer matching benefit is a plus as well!  (I know, old habits of a volunteer program lead die hard!)  Experience in water safety is not needed, just the desire to use your time to help the cause.

If you are interested in visiting Vietnam and seeing our work up close, we’d love to host you.


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